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What Makes Today's Dentures Different from Yesterday’s

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It might surprise many people to know that according to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 36 million people in this country have no teeth. It might not be as surprising to learn that many of these people are in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly. Tooth loss—regardless of the reason—is something dentists have been treating for many years. As your Southlands Aurora, CO dentist Dr. John Chen can tell you: Dentures have played a significant role through much of those.

Often when people learn they are facing the loss of their teeth, their mind goes immediately to the fake-looking plastic teeth their grandparents had to put up with. ...

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3 Features You Can Count On in Today's Dentures

Modern Dentures in Aurora

When most people think of dentures, they more than likely envision those from the past, the kind that looked fake and slipped when people tried to talk. But the good news is that patients in south Aurora, CO who are thinking about getting dentures to replace their teeth are in for a pleasant surprise.

Technology has improved the look and fit of dentures, making them more natural-looking and functional than ever before. Here are three features you can count on with today’s dentures.

They Work Well with Dental Implants

Some people believe that it’s all or nothing with dental implants, but implants work beautifully with dentures. When dental implants are used to ...

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Study: Modern Dentures Exceed Patient Expectations

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If you are missing teeth, you might be considering dentures as tooth replacements. You might also be envisioning the old-fashioned, fake-looking teeth your grandparents placed in a glass of water at their bedside every night.

But today’s modern dentures are a far cry from what many people imagine. In fact, according to an article in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, dentures exceed patient expectations in most cases. Thanks to new materials and better manufacturing, dentures today fit better, look better, and are far more comfortable than they’ve ever been. At our Aurora, CO dental office, we have helped many people improve their lives with today’s modern dentures.

Types of Dentures

Depending ...

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