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Dental Care Is Health Care

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When most people think about their overall wellbeing, they often overlook their oral health care. After all, making time in busy schedules to see the dentist twice a year can be a hassle.

But as more and more studies find a stronger connection between oral health and systemic health, it is crucial for people to consider the entire body. If you think about it, it makes sense since the mouth is often the entry point for many different types of bacteria getting into the body.

Are you overdue for a dental checkup and cleaning? Call your dentist in East Aurora, Dr. John Chen, of Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics to make an ...

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What You Might Now Know About Mouth Ulcers

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Mouth ulcers are painful sores that develop along the inside of the cheeks and on the gums. They are more popularly known as canker sores.

Although they are primarily harmless, they can be uncomfortable and annoying, making it difficult to eat and drink. If you have questions or concerns about mouth ulcers, we invite you to contact your dentist in Aurora, Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

Here are some facts about mouth ulcers:

Most of the time they are nothing more than a nuisance. For some people, the recur on a regular basis.

  • The size and location of the mouth ulcer vary, depending on the type of mouth ulcer it is.
  • They usually clear up ...

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Why Cleaning Your Tongue Is an Important Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Toothbrush and Toothpaste | Dental Cleanings in Aurora

Most people know that they should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once, but what about cleaning your tongue? This is a simple part of oral health care that most people skip. South Denver dentist and prosthodontist Dr. John Chen recommends that his patients make it an essential part of their routine.

Your Tongue Is a Target for Bacteria

Your tongue is a great place for bacteria to accumulate, putting you at a higher risk of developing cavities and bad breath. Rinsing your tongue after your brush and floss is just not enough to get rid of this bacteria that tend to stick together on the tongue’s surface. Even using ...

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Keeping Up with Oral Care While You Are Sick

Person brushing their teeth | Dental Exams in Aurora

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you might feel like doing is taking care of your oral health. But for some people, brushing their teeth when they are under the weather makes them feel just a bit better.

It’s important to take care of your body when you have a cold or the flu, and that includes taking care of your teeth and gums. Here are some recommendations from your Aurora dentist for taking care of oral health—even when you are ill.

Practice Good Hygiene

You should always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, but this is especially important when you are sick. As always, never share your toothbrush. ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Examinations and Cleanings

Woman Getting a Dental Cleaning | Dental Cleanings in Aurora

Most dentists, along with the American Dental Association, recommend that people visit their dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. Not everyone follows that guideline. Some people put off going to the dentist, and the next thing they know, years have passed. At this point, those same people likely feel some embarrassment at just how long it’s been.

At Uptown Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics in south Aurora, we like to think of ourselves as the best dentist in the area—and our patients agree. We will do our best to make sure your visit is comfortable—even if it’s been a long time. Need a refresher on what happens during ...

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Choosing a Parker, CO Dentist for Your Family

Best Dentist in Parker CO | Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Finding a dentist is easy; an online search will show just how many practices are located in the Parker, CO area. But you don’t want just any dentist; you want the right dentist for you and your entire family. You want a dentist who will be a healthcare partner for many years to come.

Ask for Recommendations

Check with your friends and family to find out which dental practice they visit. Join community pages on social media to ask for recommendations from other members. Check with your family doctor or pharmacist.

Ask Questions

Once you have a list of potential dentists in hand, it’s time to narrow down your choice. Here’s what you need ...

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Would You Like a Good Dentist...or a Great One?

Good Dentist in Aurora, CO | Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Type “dentist Centennial, CO” into your Google search box, and you’ll see plenty of dental practices pop up. But when it comes to finding the right dentist for you and your entire family, you don’t want just any dentist. You want a great one who will be there to take care of you and your family for many years to come.

How do you make the differentiation between a good dentist or a great one? Follow the suggestions below to cut through the clutter of the average Google search to make sure you find a dental practice that is the best fit for you and your family.

Get Recommendations

Nothing beats finding out ...

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