Digital X-Rays in Aurora, CO

Computer showing Digital X-Rays | Aurora COOne of the great things about dental technology is that it tends to help make visits to the dentist much more efficient. Take, for example, digital x-rays. Not only do they mean that patients are exposed to less radiation when they are in the dental chair, but digital x-rays are faster, saving you time.

Because they provide better resolution than traditional x-rays, your dentist can see problems while they are still quite small. This means earlier intervention, which almost always means more comfortable treatment—and there is usually less expense as well.

At Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics, Dr. John Chen and his team are happy to provide the most up-to-date technology to make your visit more comfortable, more efficient, and more accurate. Digital x-rays are part of that.

Digital X-Rays Are Safe

For patients concerned about exposure to radiation, digital x-rays provide peace of mind. Digital x-rays mean that patients are exposed to less radiation each year when they come in for x-rays. It is worth mentioning, however, that pregnant women should mention their condition to the dentist and decide whether it might be best to wait on x-rays until after giving birth.

Digital X-Rays Are Fast

Not only can your dentist see more of your mouth with digital x-rays, but he or she will be able to view your mouth more quickly. Traditional x-rays involved a development process that took longer because of the extra steps involved. With digital x-rays, the process is similar to you taking a digital photograph with your phone. The shot is taken and then uploaded directly to the computer for observation immediately.

Making copies are a snap with digital x-rays, so if your insurance company needs to see the x-ray before approving treatment, this can be handled right away. This can mean your procedure is approved more quickly so you are not waiting unnecessarily for treatment—and your claim can also be paid in a more timely manner.

Man about to receive X-rays | Centennial CODigital X-Rays Are Flexible

Unlike with traditional x-rays, digital x-rays mean that enlarging a shot to view it in greater detail on the computer screen is simple. Your dentist can hone in on specific areas quickly and easily. This means even the tiniest issue can be seen immediately and treatment can be recommended early.

Digital X-Rays Are Efficient

Most people do not like taking the time out of their busy schedule for visits to the dentist, and technology such as digital x-rays means less time in the dentist chair and more timely recommendations.

Even problems that are occurring below the surface of your teeth can be spotted with the help of a digital x-ray. Without a digital radiograph, problems have time to develop. By the time they can be seen with the naked eye, treatment might need to be extensive—and expensive. With digital x-rays, your dentist can find problems while they are still small and easy to treat.

Call us today and enjoy the safe efficiency of digital radiographs at Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics! We proudly serve all patients in Centennial, Parker, and southern Aurora.