Testimonials from Doctors and Patients
  • I have been an oral & maxillofacial surgeon in the Denver/Southeast Metro area since 1998. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. John Chen on many mutual patients over the last several years; providing oral surgery services from tooth removal to placement of dental implants.Dr. Chen is personable and well liked by his patients. His advanced prosthodontic training and skills are reflected by good patient preparation throughout the implant therapy and the ultimate visible completion of his restorative phase results in very happy and satisfied patients. His skill and expertise is evident.It is a pleasure working with Dr. Chen and his patients.

    - Dr. Barry Keogh (Oral surgeon)
  • I have enjoyed working with Dr. Chen on dental rehabilitations for several years. Aside from being a compassionate and warm-hearted individual, he also takes pride in the dental care that he provides. Dr. Chen focuses on details that create natural and esthetic teeth and smiles that are ART and not just dentistry.

    - Dr. Eric Beckman (Periodontist and dental implant surgeon)
  • Dr. Chen truly took the time to conduct a complete dental examination, which showed me that he is dedicated to his professional and compassionate with his patients. I absolutely recommend making an appointment to come in and see him. Thanks Dr. Chen!

    - Christine K.
  • As a dental specialist I seek to associate with other dental professionals that follow my philosophy of providing individualized care to every patient. I know that when working with Dr. Chen he will always provide the right care for patients regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their situation. Dr. Chen knows that patients are more than just teeth and uses his experience and expertise to better people’s lives as well as their smile. His attention to detail from treatment planning to carrying out that plan is superb. It is nice to be able to work with someone who’s goals and ideology match my own in truly CARING for patients.

    - Dr. Jeremy R. Jannuzzi (Maxillofacial surgeon)
  • "I went to see Dr. Chen after suffering from extreme complications related to my all on five upper/lower dentures. I was at my wits end after suffering from severe complications with my prosthesis continuously breaking and not being able to chew or eat many solid foods over the last 4.5 years. He was sensitive to my needs and delivered new permanent prosthesis. I can now eat, chew and I have a beautiful smile! I have reclaimed my life because of his impeccable attention to detail! He's my hero!"

    - Samantha F.


Choosing a Parker, CO Dentist for Your Family

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Would You Like a Good Dentist...or a Great One?

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Type “dentist Centennial, CO” into your Google search box, and you’ll see plenty of dental practices pop up. But when it comes to finding the right dentist for you and your entire family, you don’t want just any dentist. You want a great one who will be there to take care of you and your family for many years to come.How do you make the differentiation between a good dentist or a great one? Follow the suggestions below to cut through the clutter of the average Google search to make sure you find a dental practice that is the best fit for you and your family.Get RecommendationsNothing beats finding out ...

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