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Why Cosmetic Dentistry in Aurora, CO Is So Popular

October 1, 2020
Posted By: Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics

We are fortunate to live in a time when we no longer have to settle for smiles we don’t love. Cosmetic dentistry has leveled the playing field so that even if you weren’t born with a perfect celebrity smile, now you can achieve one.

Not everyone wants a Hollywood smile, and cosmetic dentistry offers a solution for everyone. Patients who want solutions for aesthetic flaws are often thrilled to learn that they don’t have to break their budget to achieve dramatic smile improvements. But if you do want that red-carpet smile, the means exist for you to achieve it.

Fast and Affordable Smile Improvements

Do you have an event coming up like a wedding, reunion, or that dream vacation? You want your smile to look great in photos, but you don’t want to invest in complex treatments. With modern cosmetic dentistry in Aurora, you don’t have to.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment because it is affordable and produces transformative results. You can choose an in-office tooth bleaching or a customized take-home kit.

Dental bonding is a conservative and affordable treatment that uses tooth-colored filling material to build up chipped and broken teeth, fill in small gaps between teeth, and improve the shape or size of a tooth.

A Full Cosmetic Smile Makeover

If you have more complex needs or want a full Hollywood-style makeover, your cosmetic dentist in Aurora can help you achieve your goals.

Would you like your teeth to have a more symmetrical and harmonious appearance? Porcelain veneers hide a multitude of cosmetic flaws like broken, cracked, gapped, or misaligned teeth.
You may not think of all-porcelain tooth crowns and fillings as cosmetic, but your dentist can use both as part of your total smile makeover. 

Sometimes, a smile makeover also involves restoring function to decayed, broken, or missing teeth. Dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, and implant dentures are all solutions that your cosmetic dentistry can customize for your unique needs.

Ready to See What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for You?

Dr. John Chen is a cosmetic dentist in Aurora who takes pride in the beautiful smile makeovers he creates, whether it’s bonding a couple of teeth or a full smile reconstruction.
Please call us to schedule an appointment to see what’s possible for your smile.

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