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Dental Pain or Swelling? It Could Be a Dental Emergency

December 14, 2018
Posted By: Dr. John Chen
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It happens to the best of us: You wake up one day with a toothache that quickly goes from bad to unbearable. Or you take a bite of your salad only to realize that a filling or crown has fallen out. Perhaps you were involved in a car accident and received an injury to your mouth that is bleeding.

When dental emergencies happen, you might not know what to do. It usually depends on the extent of your urgent situation as to whether you need to come in immediately or if it can wait until our next available appointment. Whatever the case, when you are unsure, contact our Aurora, CO dental office with any of your emergencies and we can walk you through the best next steps.

Signs of a True Dental Emergency

If you are in serious pain because of a toothache, you need to see a dentist immediately. Chances are you have an infection in the root of your tooth. Without treatment, the infection can spread to your other teeth—or even to other parts of your body.

Swelling on your cheek can also indicate that there is an infection. If you don’t get a root canal, your pain will not stop, and you risk losing the affected tooth.

Bleeding from the mouth because of an injury also constitutes a dental emergency—especially if you cannot get the bleeding to stop. The same is true of a tooth that has been knocked out or loosened. You need to get immediate care if you are to save the tooth.

Avoiding Future Dental Emergencies by Calling Dr. Chen

Although you can't always avoid dental trauma, many dental emergencies can be by visiting our Aurora dental office twice each year for routine checkups. Regular examinations give us an opportunity to detect problems while they are small and quickly resolved. Are you overdue for your dental checkup? Give us a call and make an appointment! We always welcome new patients.

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