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Would You Like a Good Dentist...or a Great One?

December 15, 2017
Posted By: Dr. John Chen
Good Dentist in Aurora, CO | Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Type “dentist Centennial, CO” into your Google search box, and you’ll see plenty of dental practices pop up. But when it comes to finding the right dentist for you and your entire family, you don’t want just any dentist. You want a great one who will be there to take care of you and your family for many years to come.

How do you make the differentiation between a good dentist or a great one? Follow the suggestions below to cut through the clutter of the average Google search to make sure you find a dental practice that is the best fit for you and your family.

Get Recommendations

Nothing beats finding out what experience others have had with certain dentists. As your friends, family, and colleagues who they recommend.

Once you have a list of prospective great dentists on hand, it’s time to do some homework.

Dig Deeper

Go to the practice’s website to figure out if it will be practical for you and your family. First of all: Consider the location. If the practice is not located near your home or work, it will be easy to put off or skip dental appointments.

Find out if the practice takes your insurance, if you have it. If not, perhaps you will want to know if they have an in-office discount plan. Ask what other payment options are accepted, including financing options should you or a family member need a procedure.

Learn More about the Practice

If location and insurance options work for you, it might be time for a phone call to ask for more information.

  • What is the emergency policy?
  • What does this practice do to deal with dental anxiety or any other specific issues you or your family might have?
  • What are practice philosophies on treatment options? Are treatment options and cost estimates explained in detail?

Give Our Aurora Dental Practice a Try

Finding a good versus great dentist in Centennial, CO doesn’t have to be difficult. We invite you to call Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics, and we will answer any questions you might have.

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