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How Invisible Dentistry Enhances Your Smile

June 28, 2020
Posted By: Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics
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If you've had a dental filling in the past, you are probably familiar with grey metal fillings. While these fillings were durable, they did nothing to improve the aesthetics of your smile. They are often visible when you talk or laugh.

Today, dentists make most fillings out of composite resin. This is material that bonds directly to your tooth and blends seamlessly with your smile because it is tooth-colored. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from tooth-colored fillings in Aurora.


While it may seem that metal is a more durable material, it doesn't actually bond to your tooth. The nature of metal causes it to expand and contract, which means that over time it pulls away from your tooth. When this happens, bacteria are allowed inside your tooth, and that can cause damage to your tooth again.

Composite fillings bond directly to your tooth to create a seal that doesn't breakdown over time. They are durable and can last for many years with the right home care and regular dental checkups.

Composite fillings also protect more of your natural tooth structure since they require less of it to be removed for placement.


One of the greatest benefits of tooth-colored fillings is that they can be customized to match your teeth. Your dentist may also use composite material to restore small cosmetic issues like chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth through a process called dental bonding.

Would You Like to Learn More about Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Whether you need to restore a tooth that's been damaged by tooth decay or eliminate small cosmetic issues like a chipped tooth composite resin is the versatile material that you need to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

Aurora dentist, Dr. Chen, will be happy to further discuss how composite fillings can restore and enhance your smile with you. Contact Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics today for more information.

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