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What’s the Big Deal about a Little Cavity?

August 30, 2021
Posted By: Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics
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Most people don’t appreciate how much their oral health impacts their overall vitality. For one thing, eating and drinking are two of the foundations of life itself, and to eat some of the healthiest foods, you need to be able to chew.

Research in Aurora, CO, and beyond has found many chronic ailments connected to oral inflammation, like tooth decay and gum disease. Rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, diabetes, and even dementia are exacerbated by poor oral hygiene and maintenance. And the tell-tale sign of burgeoning problems in your mouth is a tooth cavity.

A Hole in Your Tooth

Cavities form from tooth decay. Your tooth is like a little knight safe inside a suit of armor, and plaque is the evil enemy intent on penetrating that armor by sticking to it. When we brush, floss and our dental professional performs routine cleanings, the enemy is repelled, and the knight lives on.

But when the bacteria in plaque grows into an army, it assaults our little knight until the armor fails, and a cavity is born. So, if your mouth is your castle, then you want to save your little knight before he succumbs. That’s why you should deal with a cavity when still small because if it goes untreated, your cavity will only get bigger.

Your Aurora, CO Dentist to the Rescue

The most insidious thing about a cavity is that you may not even realize you have one. When small, you might feel only minor discomfort or no difference at all. 

While these signs may be hardly noticeable to you, Dr. John Chen is professionally trained to recognize them and take immediate action. This illustrates the importance of routine check-ups and cleanings. For example, if your dentist sees the signs of a possible cavity, x-rays of the affected tooth will confirm the existence and scope of the problem. Then, Dr. Chen can remove the decay and fill the cavity, creating a new layer of protection for your tooth.

Neglect can make the problem more serious, resulting in potentially larger fillings or even the need for a root canal and crown to save the tooth. But if it goes too far for too long, your little knight may perish, leading to tooth extraction and the need for a much more expensive implant to support the surrounding teeth.

Good Oral Health is Good Overall Health

Don't let it become a big problem if you feel the early signs of a little cavity. Instead, call our Aurora, CO dental office to schedule an appointment to get the care you need.

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