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Will Whitening My Teeth Make Them Sensitive?

December 18, 2021
Posted By: Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics
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Have you felt like your smile isn't as bright as it used to be? Whitening your teeth is a quick and affordable way to give your smile a boost, and you can complete your treatment in as little as a couple of hours at our Aurora, CO dental office.

If you're concerned about sensitivity during teeth bleaching you should know that at Uptown Comprehensive Dentistry and Prosthodontics, we take measures to protect your teeth and gums during your whitening procedure. Here's what you should know about teeth whitening for your smile.

What Can I Expect During My In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The first step towards your brighter smile is to place a protective barrier between your teeth and gums so we can isolate the bleaching gel and ensure that it only touches your teeth. Next, we'll apply the whitening gel to your teeth and allow it to take effect. We may apply it multiple times depending on your needs and your tooth staining or discoloration level. Finally, we'll finish with a fluoride treatment to ensure that you don't encounter any tooth sensitivity after your treatment. 

You can expect to leave our dental office with teeth that are six to ten shades lighter if you choose professional teeth whitening in South Aurora.

How Does Take-Home Teeth Whitening Work?

If you choose a professional take-home teeth whitening kit, your dentist will make custom plastic whitening trays for your smile with impressions we take of your teeth. Then Dr. Chen will prescribe a high-strength bleaching gel for you to use in your trays at home. Most patients can achieve the results they want after whitening their teeth for ten days to two weeks.

Best of all, you can purchase additional tubes of bleaching gel from our Aurora dental office and use the gel in your trays in the future whenever you need to update your smile.

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