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My general dentist says he can do the same procedures. What makes you different?

A general dentist is allowed to do any dental procedure, but they may not be able to perform them at the same high level as a specialist. This means that any dentist can say he or she will do the same procedures as a prosthodontist. However, there is a big difference in the level of training received by a general dentist versus a prosthodontist. The proof is in the quality of care patients receive.

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A prosthodontist is a specialized dentist who has received three additional years of training after completing four years of dental school. With Dr. Chen, you can rest assured that he has received training specifically in providing the more serious treatments that you might need, such as dental implants, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

There is an advantage for you, the patient, when you see a prosthodontist who runs a general dentist practice because you can know that you will not have to be sent to a specialist for restorative dental care. Not only will Dr. Chen be familiar with your medical and oral health history, but you will be familiar with receiving treatment from him. This can go a long way toward calming anxiety about needing more serious dental treatment.

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